What is the UV SHOP HOP?

It is a loose consortium of clothing creators in Utherverse that come together on a more or less monthly basis to provide fun and low cost clothing to people in RLC/Utherverse. We formed in 2011 and have been involved in world since then. In addition, they adhere to a set of principles about designing and making items worn on the avatar that always keep them in compliance with RLC rules and general copyright guidelines.

The SHOP HOP is guided by one person generally but currently every member has an equal say in it’s direction. The current thought is to provide more things for people to do in RLC/Uthervrse that may or may not involve the purchase of clothing, with the focus being on fun rather than making rays.

We, in general do not agree to in using Utherverse mail to spam advertisements. We also do not agree with taking designs from other worlds and stretching them to fit the avatars of Utherverse, whilst taking inspiration from another game and designing something from that is fine, taking existing textures from other places and stretching them to fit is in our opinion theft.