Hop Information

Info for ShopHop Participants!!

Each store may display up to 6 outfits for 4 rays, recolors may now be linked as well. If you have a guest designer, you may display up to 8 outfits, how you divvy ’em up is up to you. As a general rule outfits put in the hop sale should normally carry a price of 15 rays and up, so that buyers are getting a good value. As of the July 2015 we are now allowing you to link recolors of your outfits to increase possible sales. This is optional but be aware if you link your recolors it must also be marked down to 4 rays.

Prize Fund

Each participant in the hop (that includes our guest designers) MUST contribute 30 rays to the prize fund. None of these rays are kept – they’re all given out as prizes to our hop participants.

The Prize Fund rays should go to the UV_SHOPHOP profile. (This is a new address, so please take note!) Also, please drop an email when you send those too, so we can find your transaction easily.

Our carry over in the Prize Fund from the previous hop is: 100 Rays to be used towards DJ’s

The full Hop Rules are located here should you need to review them.

Any questions, check with Mystik.

Check this out!

If you want to review a tentative schedule for upcoming hop dates, see who has volunteered for those dates and pick one out to volunteer yourself, as well as some other data about the hops that you’ll probably find interesting. Click Here for the Schedule and Data Sheets.

All Hosting Store Designers…
Please have your store’s next shop in the hop move to link active and your store’s shop hop display set up and ready by 6 pm PST on the Friday prior to the Hop. Most of us are constructing these in a clone of our normal shops, which makes flipping the switch quick, easy and relatively painless.

Please coordinate with the Guest designer you have in your store to have all 4 ray outfits for sale that day active in their display signs by no later then 12am PST / 3 am EST on the day of the Hop. Having them active at Midnight, morning of the hop is something new we’re trying to hopefully increase sales.

The Shop Hop Channel has migrated over to Skype. Please ask any of the other Shop Hop Participants for an invite into the group

The general Hop Rules have a few minor alterations. Please read them here.

Start Time Graphic (for the early hoppers)


A Demo of What Your Display Should Look Like:

Prize Winners Sign

Lots of folks don’t seem to realize we give out rays prizes at each of these. If you want to put up a sign that shows who won the rays prizes at the last hop, here’s your sign.


Sign to link to UVShophop.com Domain


Sign that has the date of the next hop on it (updated each month)


The Shop List

Please double check the VWW address to make sure it is correct. If there needs to be a change/update please get in touch with MystikMoon.