Rules For Shop Owners

If you’re participating in the next hop, check your Social Center email for the hop area Login Info, then click the link above or so the left that says Current Hop Info.

If you’re a designer and would like to take part in the UV Shop Hops you may toss your hat in the ring by submitting your information via this contact form.

Before jumping off of that particular bridge, you should know the (few but important) rules we follow in these.

  • 1. All daily items/outfits MUST be up, priced correctly (4 rays) and available by 12am PST (That’s 3am EST) on the Hop Date. If you are unable to be there to accomplish this at the appointed time do it early. Failure to have your signs up and working correctly at the appointed start time will result in your shop being removed from the loop, and inclusion to be invited to future sales to be in jeopardy.
  • 2. In order to keep things KISS simple for our hoppers, at this time participation in the hops is limited to UVCloset merchants/items only at this time.
  • 3. It is highly advised you be available in your shop as much as possible. Not only do some users need assistance, but being there will typically increase your add-on sales exponentially.
  • 4. All sale items should be Outfits. People are looking for a good deal, and a pair of shoes that normally sells for 5 or 10 rays will reflect badly on both you and the hop. Outfits selling in the Shop Hop should not be marked as a regular day item of less then 15 rays. As of the July 2015 we are now allowing you to link recolors of your outfits to increase possible sales. This is optional but be aware if you link your recolors it must also be marked down to 4 rays.
  • 5. The goal is to have a uniform display in each shop in the hop. Keep it in the open and easy to find. The main issue is that EVERYONE please use posters and include the provided “jump to next link poster” right with the sale posters or with in few paces with clear visual view. A general layout for each hop is provided as reference. The idea is to keep it simple and uniform for our shoppers, not to infuriate them by making them search all around each shop for the goodies, or how to get from one shop to the next.
  • 6. We ask for a contribution of 30 rays from each participating shop/merchant, which will be placed into a Prize Pool fund. Multiple prizes are given out during the event to our hoppers.
  • 7. Effective with the hop in February 2013 Shops and Guest Designers participating in the UV Shop Hop are to be in no other conflicting sales on the day of the hop. This rule came about by the consensus of a vote taken of host shops. If you want to be in other sales on the Hop date simply ask to sit out that particular hop.
  • 8. Understand that the spots in the hops are extremely limited. Would we love to including 50 shops in each hop? Yes! But if we did we’d also kill the hoppers. Thus the number of shops participating in any single hop is generally going to be limited to 15 or so. There are always more shops wanting to take part than there are slots available. So you need to understand up front that currently all available slots are filled. Those who voice their desire to be part of the hops will be kept and reviewed as possible candidates to be Guest designers, or to take over a slot if one of the current shops should leave the hops for any reason.
  • 9. Also understand that these hops are run basically monthly.
  • 10. NEW changes as of April 6th 2016. Any and all guest designers MUST be pre-approved prior to the date of the hop by Mystik. Guidelines for guest Designers are the same as for the normal Hop designers. Majority of their catalog items should also be at least 15 rays or higher and marked this after the hop.If you can live with the above you are welcome to put your name in the hat for future hops. Apply Here. If anything up there bothers you (read it again to be sure!) please don’t apply because you’ll be wasting our time and yours. We have guest stores available for out guests.
  • 11. Copyright/Trademark items may NOT appear in the Shop Hop. What you do in your store is up to you as we have no say over that, but we do not allow copyrighted/trademarked items in the Hop. For example, disney icons, marvel characters, nike symbols.
  • 12. Scheduled hops are due on the hop calendar and the events calendar at least 6 weeks in advance to the actual sale.
  • 13. Graphics are to be sent to Mystik no later than 2 weeks prior to the acutal sale.
  • 14. URLs are to be sent to Mystik no later than 1 week prior to the actual sale.
  • 15. Guest Designer sign should be near the current hop set up at each Hop event.
  • 16. Each Hop Designer is required to have UV_ShopHop on their deco list in case of any problems and a change is needed.
  • 17. Below is the setup that is required for the hop. All outfits are to be together and marked with the correct 4 ray price. If it is marked with 4 rays, it has to sell for 4 rays. No Exceptions. All hop outfit posters must have the 4 ray frame on it.